How To Play
Scraps Golf

What Do You Need?

Our 9-sided die, game card, and these three simple steps.

Step 1: Roll The Dice

Before Tee-off: Roll the dice

No more trying to figure out what game to play. Let Scraps Golf choose a fun random challenge every round for you. Roll the dice on a well-groomed tee box, never on a cart path or hit with a golf club.

Pro tip: You can determine rolling order by lowest to highest roll of the dice, age, alphabetical, drawing names, or spinning a tee before the round. You choose what works best for your group!

Step 2: Golf Away

At the tee box: Golf away

Find the game on the Scraps games card. Review the rules on the back of the card or use the drop-down menu below for more details. Golf!

Pro tip: Scraps Golf itself assigns no value to a point. Decide on how you are going to value points BEFORE golfing. It could be bragging rights, an award, or a monetary unit. It's up to you! Make this game yours.

Step 3: Settle Up

End of the round: Settling up

After the round of golf, the points are tallied up. The point differential from one player against all other players determines the margin for settling up win/loss totals.

Pro tip: Review the graphic below for an example of tallying up points!

Ready to play Scraps Golf?

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