About Scraps Golf

Every time you're on the tee box, you and your golfing buddies get stuck trying to decide on what game to play. It's a total crapshoot. After 18 holes of the same conversation, you're ready to spice things up.

But not too spicy. Golf is important to you. You think the rules, etiquette, and history of the game is part of what makes golf, well, golf. 

You're ready for a challenge, a bit more fun, and to focus on THE game, not on WHAT game.

This is why Andy and Tommy invented Scraps Golf.

The Founders

Scraps was born

One day they realized that the only true way to make their experience unique, random, and fun was to create a dice that drew on the game of craps while scrambling around playing golf. 

With the 9-sided golf ball dice and a few fun games, Scraps Golf was born.


Scraps Golf Game

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