A chance for 9 different games on every hole

A new spin on golf

Elevate your golf game

Fun for all ages

Scraps Golf

9 fun games, 1 dice.

Finally a way to bring something new to the course, because life is more fun when you take a chance.

Easy To Learn


Competitive at all levels

How To Play

Roll With it!

With 9 fun games to play you're bound to have a great time. 

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Thank You Scraps Golf!  Most fun round all year in our 9-hole league.  

Greg S.

Perfect!  A long overdue upgrade to a friendly or competitive round of golf.  

Mike O.

So you’re saying there’s a chance!  I stopped betting my buddies when we’d golf because I was their ATM.  Now I have a chance. 

Brian M.

True to the spirit of the game

Each game promotes course etiquette and regulation play, making Scraps Golf fun to play with your golf buddies and the family alike.

Detailed Rules

How To Play

Roll The Dice

No more trying to figure out what game to play. Let Scraps Golf choose a fun random challenge for you.

Golf Away

Find the game that matches the number rolled on the Scraps game card and review the rules on the back. Golf!

Settle Up

After the round, tally up the points to see who won!

Use your golf score card to keep score.


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